Blocked Drains and Hawkeye Pest Control

Blocked Drains - If your drains are damaged, the covers exposed or your piping is collapsed in any way, rodents can gain access, start to nest, breed and ultimately block your drains. The results of rodents gaining access to your drainage system can be extremely off putting, a rat could even end up in your toilet! If you are a commercial or industrial user of water, they may emerge along with your water, not a sight your staff or visitor would appreciate.

Rats are extremely flexible and adaptable creatures, they possess the ability to squeeze through a gap the size of their head. So, if your drains are not properly maintained, there is a very good chance that your drains could get blocked by rodents using nesting material, which could cause damage to your property and create health concerns for your family.

Block Drains - Tell Tale Signs...

  • Rodent Droppings
  • Noise coming from your drains, scratting in the pipping
  • Unusual Odours
  • Overflow of waste water

How we manage blocked drain due to rodents

  • Firstly, we will find access points where the rodents have gained access to your drainage system
  • We will set Rat Traps and install a baiting program in order to directly deal with the infestation
  • Once the source of the infestation is identified we will repair the piping and drainage using no-dig patching
  • To prevent any future infestation, we will install rat flaps which stops rats from entering your home and your draining system. Rat Flaps also avoids the use of poisoning and then the issue of removing dead rats and then the associated smell (see our blog for information on rat flaps)
  • We also install CCTV in order to survey your drains if required

If you have blocked drains, Hawkeye may be the solution. At Hawkeye Pest Control our rates are very affordable and no compromise is made on the services we provide, feel free to complete our Blocked Drain Quotation Form, email the team at or call direct at: Dublin Office: 01 - 9081119, Naas Office 045 - 234272 or Mobile at 0870928614 and we will provide you with a blocked drain site survey and quotation that will address your immediate issue and future proof your drains.