Exterminator and Hawkeye Pest Control

It is said that pest control professionals are referred to as an 'exterminator'. Our exterminator or pest control services have been used to take control of infestations such as:

Exterminator - Rodents:

We are all very aware that rodents such as Rats and mice can carry very serious diseases, damage to buildings, stock, food and sometimes personal belongings! Infestations can also breach Irish H&S legislation and potential risk the positive reputation of your company.

Issues with a rodent infestation:

  • They are known to chew electrical cables and disrupt electricity supply
  • They also can chew plumbing infrastructure which could cause flooding
  • They carry disease
  • Company Reputation
  • Damage to Stock

Exterminator - Birds:

Bird infestations can carry issues to commercial premises, increase maintenance costs, can carry disease, contaminate food and stock. At Hawkeye Pest Control we can utilise techniques to manage a bird infestation such as Avi Shock, Anti Perch Deterrent, Netting - we also use bird trapping techniques for removal.

Exterminator - Wasps:

If wasps build a nest near your home or business and they become a nuisance or aggressive, they may need removal. They can sting of course and some people may be allergic without their knowledge, so do not take the chance and undertake the jobs yourself. Give the team a shout and we will remove the nest, the wasps and any risks.

Exterminator - Flies:

Flies can spread diseases such as E. Coli. and Salmonella, ignoring these dangers can be very serious for businesses and within your home. We advise, supply and install Electric Fly Killer devices, we also yearly maintain Electric Fly Killer, replacing bulbs, starters and cleaning the unit for our client.

We also provide reactive Fly Spray treatments and services which includes an onsite audit, diagnoses of the problem, apply the treatment and educate clients as to avoiding future infestations and implementing best practice hygiene guidelines.

We offer comprehensive maintenance contracts for Electric Fly Killers, call the team on 01-9081119 our Naas Office 045 834272 or email: info@hawkeyepestcontrol.ie for a quotation.

Exterminator - Ants:

Irish ants generally stay outdoors however, if they find a food source in your home or business, they will work like soldiers to bring food back and forth to the ant colony. Although Irish ants hold no risk to human health they can become very frustrating and if you own a business your staff or members of the public would not appreciate your visitors!

At Hawkeye Pest Control we can help you remove the ants in an eco-friendly way. We will identify the type of ants, monitor their behaviour, correct any issues with water supplies and sources (ants will usually reside close to a water supply), remove any food sources with effective housekeeping and analyse where there might be areas in your building that might allow the ants to gain entry. We will identify and seal off any gaps, cracks or holes.

Exterminator - Bed Bugs:

If you are in the hospitality industry and maintain a large number of beds it is important to be proactive if you are trying to maintain a positive reputation for your business, we provide reactive solutions to bed bugs, undertake regular maintenance reviews and ongoing training for businesses.

For homes with bed bug infestation we provide spray and heat treatments in order to eradicate the infestation and followed up with regular inspections in order to avoid any reoccurrence.

Exterminator - Woodworm:

As usual we conduct a complimentary site survey which will identify the woodworm problem and the source of the woodworm problem. We will use treatments which contain chemicals which will kill off the infestation and protect your property going forward. Obviously, the woodworm treatment and chemicals that the Hawkeye Pest Control team use are friendly and safe around people and pets. The treatment used by our team will depend on the woodworm and the wood involved.

Contact the Hawkeye Pest Control for a Complimentary Site Audit

If you have any of the infestations detailed above and require a qualified experienced exterminator or pest control company contact or complete the Hawkeye Pest Control contact form for a free site survey and Pest Control Quotation, email the team at info@hawkeyepestcontrol.ie or call direct at: Dublin Office 01 9081119 our Naas Office 045 834272 or Mobile 0870928614.