Fumigation and Hawkeye Pest Control

Eco Friendly Fumigation and Hawkeye Pest Control

Traditional pest control fumigation methods involved the segregation of an enclosed space which was then filled with toxic gas which exterminated all pests enclosed. The area of infestation was completed sealed off in order to maintain the amount of gas required for a particular time frame. The area was also sealed to make sure the toxic fumes did not escape and to ensure public safety and environmental concerns. Thankfully, that was then!

Due to advances in research, knowledge of harmful chemicals and legislation, the fumigation methods above are no longer employed or allowed in Ireland. There are now many eco- friendly or non-toxic pest control and fumigation methods used in Ireland.

Fumigation in Ireland - Where and When is Fumigation used?

Fumigation is used as awful lot around exotic pests and thus used predominantly within the shipping and import/export industry. However, fumigation is also used to cleanse entire buildings and homes (when the infestation is severe, this is extremely rare in Ireland), food processing equipment, silo fumigation, shipping containers, grain stores, farm buildings, etc.

Eco Friendly Fumigation in Ireland

It is considered difficult by many to undertake pest control activities and be completely 100% eco-friendly. Generally speaking, the methods used can be less environmentally damaging and can help avoid non-threatening insects or mammals. Eco-friendly pest control isn't easily applied if a client wants the problem resolved very quickly. None the less, there are many eco-friendly pest control methods that can be employed by a skilled pest control expert.

Eco Friendly Pest Control & Fumigation Methods - Hawkeye Pest Control

  • We will minimise the use of chemicals and promote the use of non-chemical methods
  • Eco Friendly natural insecticides are used when and where possible
  • If chemicals are a 'must', the eco-friendliest chemicals will be applied with preference
  • If chemicals must be used, they will only be applied to the breeding and harbourage areas of the infestation

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